Tips for Finding the Best Daycare in Surrey

Are you searching for the best daycare in Surrey for your child? Knowing what you require to help you make such an important decision is crucial. Your child will spend a significant amount of their days with their childcare provider, the early years are critical for building social, cognitive, and emotional development.

Toddlers are like sponges as during this time in a young child’s life, they learn about the world around them every day, and fortunately, parents have control over the activities and lessons that are engaged within the home. However, interacting with their peers is essential to developing a toddler’s life skills. Being around other children helps your child to build their communication skills as they are encouraged to play, share, and cooperate with their peers. Communication skills are a mix of language skills and learning to inform the people around them what they need and want.

Cognitive development is also built up significantly by spending time in a stimulating and educational environment. Parents are well aware of what their toddlers are experiencing as they move through their daily lives, but we want to be sure that when they’re not with us, they have positive experiences that enrich their learning and development. With that in mind, it’s helpful to remember these tips when looking for the best possible daycare in Surrey.

A stimulating environment

An excellent daycare in Surrey will ensure the environment is stimulating and educational. Toddlers soak up the world and constantly discover new things. The things they will find should be educational and foster curiosity. Indoor and outdoor play spaces are equally important. Indoor areas should have more than just a pile of toys for toddlers to play with as much as the children would enjoy!

Ideal indoor spaces should have specific stations with books, crafts, and toys that challenge their brains by engaging logical thinking. Good examples include puzzles, building blocks, and instruments. Outdoor play spaces allow toddlers to have some unstructured playtime, enjoying the fresh air and engaging in exercises like running and team play, which helps to foster coordination. A high-quality daycare in Surrey should have an appropriate outdoor space and a stimulating indoor space.

Competent daycare employees

Surrey is a family-orientated city with many suburban neighbourhoods so a good daycare in Surrey should be expected to hire competent and passionate staff. An enthusiastic and empathetic daycare employee makes a world of difference to the experience of your child and you! Knowing that your child is in the hands of patients and knowledgeable care providers is essential for your peace of mind. Your child should enjoy their time at daycare, and if they don’t feel comfortable with their caregivers, they may resist being brought to daycare – making your day a lot more complicated. When looking for a daycare in Surrey that you can trust to provide the best care for your child, observe how staff interact with children. You want to look for examples of collaboration, gentle discipline, and resourcefulness. Working with young children is challenging, so daycare staff need to be the right fit, or it impacts everybody involved. Another vital element is to observe how the days are structured. Routine is essential for young children so making sure the days are consistent is a consideration to keep in mind when deciding on the best daycare provider.

Considering these factors will allow you to make the right decision for your child. Childcare Surrey has 7 locations in the Surrey area to choose from. Speak to our team today to find which daycare in Surrey is best for you and your child!