Fun Rainy-Day Activities for your Kids

Rainy Day Activities for Kids in Surrey
With the Fall season fast approaching, we usually find ourselves spending more time inside with our kids. Outdoors or indoors, though, kids like to keep busy. Finding a space for your child to play, learn, and grow while having lots of fun is so important. Thinking about what kind of activities would be available to them is a great way to begin researching Child Care in Surrey. Here are some simple and fun learning activities you might find often in a childcare setting.

Take them to the races

All you need for this one is a roll of painter’s tape, any small toy with wheels, and an empty floor space. Use the painter’s tape and design a twisting turning racetrack around the house. Better yet, allow your child to create the track to encourage their developing hand-eye coordination in stretching out and placing the tape where they want the track lines to be. Add squares that can feature as shops or houses. Outline a space for a pit stop with a few makeshift tools so your little racer can pull in for a tune-up. Kids don’t need much to let their imaginations soar and start having fun.

Stack some Cheerios

This one is a toddler favourite and only uses a few items you will surely have on hand. Have your toddler squash a few small mounds of playdough onto a hard surface (table, etc.) Then, insert a stick or two of raw spaghetti upright in each mound. Next, dump out a pile of Cheerios (or Fruit Loops if you’d like to add colour sorting to the activity). Encourage your toddler to stack the Cheerios on the spaghetti stick rods as tall as they can get them! This simple activity works wonders on fine motor skills like the pincer grip, focus, and even numeracy if they’re ready to count and stack.

Pour out a rainbow

Children love all things colourful. They also love to wonder. This activity delights in both areas by allowing your child to mix colours and create an assortment of surprising new colours. Start with some small containers. Jars or small cups are perfect. Pour a small amount of water into each one. Add a few drops of different food colouring to each container, giving your child a rainbow to choose from. Next, with an eye dropper or spoon, transfer the liquid from one container to the next. Stir them together and watch the colours change, introducing primary colours and strengthening fine motor skills through pouring and scooping.

Activities like these help children learn and grow while having lots of fun. When looking for Child Care in Surrey, finding the right people to entrust with your child’s learning and well-being can be difficult when there are so many things to consider, even what kind of activities they may have available. Check out some of these amazing locations in Surrey where your child can grow, learn, and have fun, too!