Sending your child to a day care centre in Surrey is a strategic choice that extends beyond practical childcare for working parents. It’s a deliberate step to nurture essential social skills crucial for their upcoming school journey. While the primary goal may be childcare, the experience goes beyond supervision. Here’s an in-depth exploration of how daycare sets the stage for a successful transition into elementary school.

Building Blocks of Social Skills Through Play
In daycare, children engage in supervised play that goes beyond being a pastime—it lays the foundation for essential social skills vital in more complex settings like school. Parents can choose a day care centre in Surrey to provide their little ones with a playground for social growth. Through play, children learn to share, take turns, and navigate various social scenarios. In the context of daycare play, children engage in fundamental exercises to refine their communication abilities. From sharing toys to narrating social stories and participating in imaginative endeavours, each activity serves as a practical lesson in effective communication. Beyond the realm of alphabets and numbers, this environment offers a platform for navigating interpersonal exchanges, collaborating on fanciful adventures, and negotiating roles in imaginative play. It serves as a practical terrain where children cultivate and enhance their communication skills by laying a foundation for seamless social interactions. These seemingly simple interactions act as fundamental building blocks by preparing them for the collaborative and interactive nature of a school environment.

Problem-Solving Partnerships
Daycare provides a structured yet nurturing space where children encounter situations demanding cooperation and problem-solving. This environment fosters the development of critical skills like negotiation, compromise, and conflict resolution. As they engage with their peers, children learn to express themselves, articulate their needs, and understand the perspectives of others. These problem-solving partnerships formed in daycare become invaluable tools as children face academic challenges and navigate complex social dynamics in school. In the lively atmosphere of a day care centre in Surrey, children immerse themselves in play that becomes a playground for developing crucial communication skills. Whether negotiating turns on a slide, sharing toys, or collaborating on a building project, kids engage in scenarios that demand effective communication with their playmates. Expressing needs, resolving conflicts, and articulating ideas become second nature. These playful interactions serve as building blocks, nurturing communication skills vital for social development. The rich tapestry of activities within the daycare not only fosters linguistic abilities but also instills the confidence to navigate diverse social landscapes in the future.

Choosing the Right Daycare Centre for Social Development
The benefits of daycare for social skill development are maximized when parents choose a reputable and experienced daycare centre in Surrey. Parents need to recognize that not all daycare centres are created equal. A qualified centre employs educators versed in child development by ensuring that play is not merely a pastime but a structured learning experience. The curriculum incorporates activities that enhance social skills preparing children for the school environment. At Child Care Surrey, we understand the pivotal role daycare plays in shaping a child’s social skills. Our experienced educators create an environment where children not only receive attentive care but actively engage in activities fostering robust social growth.

By choosing daycare intentionally, parents contribute significantly to their child’s social development, ensuring they enter school with the confidence and skills needed for a successful academic journey. If you’re ready to prioritize your child’s social growth, explore our various options for an enriching daycare centre in Surrey and set the stage for a bright future.

Introducing children to nature from an early age instills a sense of responsibility and care for the environment. As they develop a connection to the natural world, they are more likely to grow into environmentally conscious individuals who value and protect nature in their adult lives. In today’s fast-paced digital world, where screens often dominate children’s leisure time, the value of outdoor play and learning can become easily overlooked. Encouraging young children to learn and play in nature offers many benefits. Child care in Surrey allows for creativity and physical development in outdoor environments. Classrooms are essential for education, however, there’s a whole other world of learning waiting outside that provides young children with experiences and skills that will shape their future for the better.

Physical Benefits

Playing in nature offers children opportunities to engage in physical activities that contribute to their overall development. Climbing trees, running on uneven terrain, and jumping over streams promote motor skills, balance, and coordination. These activities lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, fostering habits of physical activity that can last a lifetime. Regular physical activity also helps improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility, reducing the risk of obesity and other health issues. Child care in Surrey is available to families who are seeking nature-based or outdoor education. The staff at our facilities supervise children outside as they engage in various activities that promote learning, exploration, and play in natural settings.

Cognitive Benefits

Nature is a rich source of sensory experiences that can stimulate cognitive growth in young children. Many studies have shown that exposure to nature enhances attention span and problem-solving skills, boosting academic performance and overall cognitive abilities. Children who attend child care in Surrey with a nature-forward curriculum may experience reduced stress and anxiety levels. Outdoor activities also promote emotional regulation, self-awareness, and empathy as children learn to appreciate nature. Nature-based learning experiences improve children’s cognitive development and allow them to become even better at thinking and problem-solving. Through nature-focused programs, they learn about plants, animals, and the world around them, which helps them understand the world around them better. Outdoor learning also lets children be creative and use their imagination, making up fun games and stories.

Social Skills

Outdoor learning is a fantastic playground for kids to make new friends and develop their social skills. When children attend childcare in Surrey and play together outside, they learn how to share toys, take turns, and cooperate in fun activities. They communicate with each other, share their ideas, and even solve small problems together. Learning in nature also fosters team-building adventure where children learn to work with others and make friends. It helps them become kinder and more understanding, as they learn to respect each other’s feelings and differences.

Incorporating outdoor play into daycare centers ensures that children have ample opportunities to experience the benefits of nature, active play, and social interaction. From promoting creativity and curiosity to fostering physical development and emotional well-being, nature offers a wealth of benefits for young minds. As parents, caregivers, and educators, it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for children to explore, discover, and connect with the natural world. We have 7 locations providing child care in Surrey that encourage outdoor play, learning, and connection. Contact us to find out more information and get connected with a childcare center that works for you and your family!

As a parent, you always want the best start for your child’s educational journey. The early years of a child’s life are a time of rapid growth, learning, and development. During this phase, the environment in which they spend their time can have a profound impact on their future. An increasingly popular choice that holds significant benefits is enrolling your child in a daycare centre in Surrey. Beyond providing parents with a reliable childcare solution, daycare plays a pivotal role in preparing children for the transition to kindergarten. Reputable childcare centres often include specialized curriculum that mimics kindergarten activities and prepares children for elementary-level learning. Here are some ways that your child will benefit from attending a daycare centre in Surrey:

Early Literacy and Numeracy

Daycare environments in British Columbia are designed to encourage early literacy and numeracy skills. Engaging activities like story time, interactive games, and age-appropriate educational materials expose children to concepts of reading, writing, and basic math. These skills lay a strong groundwork for the more structured learning they’ll experience in kindergarten.

Social and Emotional Skills

Interacting with peers and caregivers in a daycare centre in Surrey promotes the development of social skills and emotional growth. Children learn to share, communicate, and collaborate, preparing them for larger group settings in kindergarten. Through guided play and group activities, they can develop empathy and problem-solving abilities- all of which are essential for school settings.

Encouraging Independence

Kindergarten involves adhering to routines and following instructions both of which are skills children can develop in daycare. A daycare centre in Surrey introduces children to a structured daily schedule that includes playtime, learning activities, meals, and play periods. This routine cultivates a sense of discipline and independence. Entering kindergarten is a big milestone for children. Daycare eases this transition by introducing them to a learning environment with teachers early on. The familiarity learned in daycare helps children feel more comfortable as they step into school settings.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Exposing children to different cultures, languages, and traditions at an early age fosters an appreciation for diversity and prepares them to be inclusive and respectful individuals in their kindergarten classrooms. As soon as children leave daycare and begin attending elementary school, they will be expected to learn and play with children of all different cultures and ages. At a daycare centre in Surrey, children will be encouraged to embrace diversity and receive rewards and praise for being inclusive with their peers.

Personalized Care

Kindergarten serves as a crucial starting point for a child’s educational journey, and providing one-on-one care for children with learning disabilities during this phase can make a world of difference. Many children who require additional learning support can benefit from small group settings in daycare before they transition into kindergarten. Early recognition of children requiring extra care is beneficial for their overall success in classroom settings.

Daycare serves as a stepping stone for the transition to formal education. Children develop essential pre-academic skills in addition to social and emotional growth. They become accustomed to routines, group dynamics, and building healthy relationships with adult figures, which aids in a smoother transition to kindergarten. If you are seeking a daycare centre in Surrey for your child, we can help you find the right fit, with 7 locations of childminding to choose from. Get in touch with us today.

While the research on daycare for children is bountiful, we rarely discuss the advantages for parents. Whether working or not, parents need plenty of time to go to work and focus on their careers or other tasks while knowing their children are being well looked after.

Working parents already have a lot on their plates. They are keeping on top of their busy work schedule, organizing meals and social activities for themselves and their kids, and scheduling regular appointments and check-ups for themselves and their children.

It is essential to note the benefits of selecting an excellent Daycare Surrey parents can trust, knowing it will benefit their whole family.

Routine and Structure
Young children with developing brains benefit hugely from structure and routine. It is proven to help with sleep regulation and coping with new experiences. It is also the same for adults!
The benefits of routine for adults and parents are equally important. Life is busy, and if we don’t know what is happening from one day to the next, it can be hard to feel calm and in control, making it difficult to enjoy life’s happier moments. By having an assigned time to drop off and collect their children to and from daycare, Surrey parents can plan their day consistently.

Work commitments
Having designated time to focus on work commitments is imperative for the maintenance and growth of a successful career. Knowing your children are at your trusted daycare in Surrey gives you the peace of mind to focus on essential projects and deadlines so you can reduce stress and spend more quality time with your family.

Humans are social creatures, and a sense of community is vital to our happiness. By meeting other parents through their children’s daycare, Surrey parents can share the burdens and help one another out and offer advice and moral support. As the old saying goes, it takes a village, so the more other parents you connect with, the more confident you will feel about your life as a parent. When sending their kids to daycare, Surrey parents allow themselves to meet and befriend other parents, hence growing their social network and feeling more connected to their community!

Transitioning and coping skills
When the time comes, children who have attended daycare have a far easier time adapting to kindergarten. By sending your child to an excellent daycare, you are preparing them with real-life skills for future transitions. Having your child learn coping skills will allow you to avoid unnecessary stress and upset in the family while they adapt to their new routine.
Overall, research has shown that sending children to daycare allows them to develop essential skills like socializing, sticking to routines, and improving social and emotional development.

Having the peace of mind that your children are being well looked after frees up time to focus on the other elements of life so you stay organized and reduce stress. In turn, stress reduction and more free time allow you to relax and enjoy the best moments in life.

When looking for the best daycare, Surrey parents can choose from seven locations in the Surrey area that are run by trustworthy and reputable Child Care Surrey. Get in touch with us to discuss options for your child so they can begin their daycare adventure, and you can start to enjoy the personal benefits of sending them to a daycare you can trust!

Are you searching for the best daycare in Surrey for your child? Knowing what you require to help you make such an important decision is crucial. Your child will spend a significant amount of their days with their childcare provider, the early years are critical for building social, cognitive, and emotional development.

Toddlers are like sponges as during this time in a young child’s life, they learn about the world around them every day, and fortunately, parents have control over the activities and lessons that are engaged within the home. However, interacting with their peers is essential to developing a toddler’s life skills. Being around other children helps your child to build their communication skills as they are encouraged to play, share, and cooperate with their peers. Communication skills are a mix of language skills and learning to inform the people around them what they need and want.

Cognitive development is also built up significantly by spending time in a stimulating and educational environment. Parents are well aware of what their toddlers are experiencing as they move through their daily lives, but we want to be sure that when they’re not with us, they have positive experiences that enrich their learning and development. With that in mind, it’s helpful to remember these tips when looking for the best possible daycare in Surrey.

A stimulating environment

An excellent daycare in Surrey will ensure the environment is stimulating and educational. Toddlers soak up the world and constantly discover new things. The things they will find should be educational and foster curiosity. Indoor and outdoor play spaces are equally important. Indoor areas should have more than just a pile of toys for toddlers to play with as much as the children would enjoy!

Ideal indoor spaces should have specific stations with books, crafts, and toys that challenge their brains by engaging logical thinking. Good examples include puzzles, building blocks, and instruments. Outdoor play spaces allow toddlers to have some unstructured playtime, enjoying the fresh air and engaging in exercises like running and team play, which helps to foster coordination. A high-quality daycare in Surrey should have an appropriate outdoor space and a stimulating indoor space.

Competent daycare employees

Surrey is a family-orientated city with many suburban neighbourhoods so a good daycare in Surrey should be expected to hire competent and passionate staff. An enthusiastic and empathetic daycare employee makes a world of difference to the experience of your child and you! Knowing that your child is in the hands of patients and knowledgeable care providers is essential for your peace of mind. Your child should enjoy their time at daycare, and if they don’t feel comfortable with their caregivers, they may resist being brought to daycare – making your day a lot more complicated. When looking for a daycare in Surrey that you can trust to provide the best care for your child, observe how staff interact with children. You want to look for examples of collaboration, gentle discipline, and resourcefulness. Working with young children is challenging, so daycare staff need to be the right fit, or it impacts everybody involved. Another vital element is to observe how the days are structured. Routine is essential for young children so making sure the days are consistent is a consideration to keep in mind when deciding on the best daycare provider.

Considering these factors will allow you to make the right decision for your child. Childcare Surrey has 7 locations in the Surrey area to choose from. Speak to our team today to find which daycare in Surrey is best for you and your child!

Our kids are the most important things in our lives. Because of this, choosing a daycare in Surrey can be overwhelming. As a working parent, you want to make sure that the people taking care of your kids when you’re not around are qualified and considerate.

Not sure how to find a suitable one? Read our tips on some points you should consider.


It is imperative that those working in the daycare in Surrey that you choose have been through the right education and training. It is during this training that daycare professionals learn the correct way to take care of groups of children in a way that is safe and loving but also fun and engaging for the kids.

The staff at the daycare in Surrey should be licensed Early Childhood Educators and hold first aid and CPR training. Don’t be afraid to ask to see proof of qualifications. A respected daycare operator can gladly provide you with this to assist you in making a decision when it comes to choosing a viable option.

Accepted Ages

Not all daycare organizations take children of all ages. When you do your research on choosing one, it is wise to inquire about accepted ages. While a daycare centre may currently take your child, they may not continue to look after them next year if your child ages out of their program.

When you pick a daycare that looks after children from a broad age range you can plan better for the future knowing your kid can continue to go to daycare as they grow up and potential siblings may also be accommodated. In addition to this, being able to stay with the same daycare is less disruptive to your child.


Having to travel far for daycare is not ideal. This can upend work and school schedules and leave both you and your children feeling exhausted. Finding a daycare that is somewhat close to you means that your children spend less time in the car and more with other children while being taken care of by qualified professionals.

If you are looking for after-school daycare in Surrey, make sure the organization accepts students from your child’s particular school. This allows for a smooth transition from school to after-school childcare.

We have seven locations across Surrey servicing a range of neighbourhoods and schools. We are proud to offer families from all areas of Surrey the opportunity to avail of childcare.


While practical elements are an essential factor in making your decision, it’s also imperative that you investigate the values and philosophy of the organization to ensure that they align with the values and philosophy of your family.

What type of environment does the daycare maintain? Is it kind and nurturing in a way that will assist in your kid’s development? How important is the happiness of your child while there? What is the ratio of play to learning? Every person has different values so it is advisable to figure out what is important to you and your child and see if they can accommodate that.

It’s never easy to leave your kid in someone else’s care but when you choose one of Child Care Surrey’s seven centres, you can know that they are in good hands. Explore our website or reach out to us directly to learn more about our qualifications, accepted ages, locations and values. Contact us today!

As parents, we are always looking for ways to improve our children’s well-being. The older kids get, the more they become involved within our communities. The staff, teachers, and administration that are responsible for the care of your child will end up being a significant part of their lives. This is why maintaining a positive and collaborative relationship with your child’s teacher is crucial for your child’s development and well-being. Sometimes, this is easier said than done, considering potential conflicting views between a parent and daycare provider. However, with proper communication and participation from both sides, adults can provide the best educational experience for young children. So, how exactly can this be achieved?

An open line of communication with your child’s daycare provider is vital. Without it, you will lack a clear understanding of where your child is at with their development and if they require additional support. Don’t wait for an issue to occur before building a rapport with daycare staff- healthy relationships start with small initiatives. When you first enroll your child at a daycare in South Surrey, introduce yourself to the staff and get to know them as well as the other parents. Familiarize yourself with the daycare’s policies, rules, and routines before asking questions. Ensure your kids have dressed appropriately for the weather and have all of the necessary belongings they might need from home, such as a comfort toy or change of shoes. Arrive on time for drop-off and pick-up to ensure smooth transitions. This helps maintain consistency and creates a positive environment for all children under their care. To be a good daycare parent, it’s important to understand that the staff are working hard to run a busy, and at times stressful, business.

While your child is enrolled at a daycare in South Surrey, there may come a time that you have questions, concerns, or curiosity about your little one’s progress. During these scenarios, always approach conversations with your daycare provider in a respectful and open-minded manner. If a situation is not urgent, it’s always best to avoid conversations with a child’s daycare teacher over the phone or email. Scheduling an in-person meeting at a time that works for both you and the staff member will allow for a more thorough and clear collaboration.

Recognize that both you and the teacher share the common goal of supporting your child’s learning. Trusting their expertise and judgment empowers the teacher to provide tailored guidance and support that meets your child’s unique needs. Listen carefully, consider their perspective, and avoid being defensive. Not only are these open conversations important to foster trust between you and your daycare provider, but they also are a great way to role model healthy relationships to your child.

Being a supportive and engaged daycare parent will help to positively impact your child’s education experience. If your child attends daycare in South Surrey, there are ample opportunities to volunteer or participate. Not only does this lend a helping hand to busy daycare teachers, but it also gives you more opportunities to be involved in your child’s day to day.

The best way to maintain a healthy relationship with your childcare provider is to find a daycare in South Surrey that is a good fit for you and your family. Depending on your child’s unique needs, they may benefit from one teaching style over another. In addition, finding a daycare that is convenient and close to home is always helpful for busy families. Get in touch with us today to find a centre!

Parents are well aware of the convenience of a daycare centre that is close to their home, especially for those who have particularly busy schedules. Avoiding a long drive for daycare drop-off and pick-up can make everyone’s lives a bit easier. However, many parents decide to enroll their children in daycare centres further away from where they live for various reasons. These reasons are often to benefit the child by providing them with higher quality education. Many of these situations are necessary for the safety and well-being of the child. On the other hand, some parents voluntarily choose daycare centers that are out of their communities. There are pros and cons to both options and selecting child care that best fits your family’s needs takes priority. Let’s discuss some bonuses to opting for local daycare centers that you may have never thought of.

There are so many additional benefits to choosing a local daycare centre in Surrey outside of convenience. Having your kids attend a daycare centre in your neighborhood invites a sense of community into their lives. When your child enrolls in a daycare center that is close to your home, they are more likely to interact with other children who live in the same area. This can lead to new friendships and opportunities for both you and your child, as you meet other parents and families who live nearby.

Opting for a local daycare centre offers parents peace of mind knowing that they are nearby in case of an emergency. If your child suddenly gets sick or has an accident while at daycare, you can quickly and easily get to them without having to navigate through unfamiliar areas or deal with long travel times. The same goes for forgotten items such as clothing, toys, or snacks. This can help to ensure that your child receives the care they need as soon as possible.

Enrolling your child at a daycare centre in Surrey that is close to home offers the potential for saving money. When you choose a daycare that is a shorter driving distance, you may be able to reduce transportation costs and potentially even save money on your overall daycare expenses. Plus, with less time spent commuting, you may be able to enjoy more quality time with your child at home and don’t have to keep your kids entertained in the car for extended periods.

Before you decide on a daycare centre for your child, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, schedule a visit to the daycare center. During your visit, observe how the staff interacts with the children, check out the facilities, and ask any questions you may have. It’s important to get a sense of the overall environment and whether it feels like a good fit for your child. Our website provides routine schedules for all of our locations that outline an example of the activities your child will be doing during their time at the centre. Don’t be shy to communicate with your selected daycare centre about any special needs or concerns your child may have.

With 7 locations of childminding and daycare centres in the Surrey area to choose from, we can help you find the location that best fits the needs of your family while keeping your children close to home. Get in touch with us today!

How you parent your child will profoundly impact their development, personality, and behaviour. However, it’s also important to remember that there is no one correct way to parent. Diverse situations and backgrounds will call for different ways to support a child’s needs while addressing how to apply rules, discipline, and boundaries.

There are several parenting styles classified and explored by phycologists, and there is no one correct method for how you choose to raise your children even among families exercising a specific parenting style, there can be significant differences in their approach. This can make finding childcare services challenging for families looking for a centre that complements a specific parenting style.

This blog will explore several of the most common parenting styles and offer advice on choosing a childcare facility in Surrey that can support your parenting choice.

Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parenting is considered by many to be the most effective and balanced parenting style. Authoritative parenting involves setting clear rules and boundaries while supporting and guiding the child. Parents and caregivers following this style encourage independence and self-regulation while maintaining open lines of communication and a warm and nurturing relationship with the child.

Permissive Parenting

Also known as indulgent parenting, permissive parenting is characterized by low expectations, minimal rules and a focus on being loving, nurturing, and highly responsive. These parents allow their children to make their own decisions and rarely enforce consequences for bad behaviour. Permissive parents are warm and responsive but may be reluctant to say no to their children which can sometimes lead to a lack of boundaries and discipline.

Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting is a stringent form of parenting characterized by high control, strict rules, and minimal support and warmth. Children are expected to follow strict rules with little to no input or control. Punishments are often used to teach lessons and encourage obedience, and open dialogue between parents and children is limited.

Free-Range Parenting

Free-Range parenting encourages children to explore the world on their own, providing them with more independence and freedom in their activities and choices. The free-range parenting style promotes independence, creativity, and self-reliance with minimal supervision. However, it also poses risks of danger as children may not have the experience or knowledge to navigate potentially hazardous situations.

Helicopter Parenting

On the other end of the spectrum is helicopter parenting. While many helicopter parents start with good intentions, this style of parenting is often characterized by an intense degree of over-parenting, over-controlling, over-protecting, and over-perfecting. Children of over-involved parents can sometimes find themselves unable to navigate real-world situations independently.

Choosing Child Care Services that Support Your Parenting Style

The best way to choose a child care centre that compliments your parenting style is by visiting multiple centres, spending time in each one, observing, and talking to the staff. Certain types of childcare centres, like play-based learning centres, may align with the parenting styles of many different kinds of parents, while other parents in similar situations may find that a Montessori centre most closely matches their parenting style at home.

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing child care services is to pick a provider you feel comfortable with who is willing to respect your parenting choices in a centre that can offer a diverse curriculum and range of activities that will keep your child motivated, engaged, and happy.

Families in Metro Vancouver have access to an abundance of arts, culture, and educational experiences that can enrich their children’s lives and broaden their horizons as they begin their educational journey. But what can we do at home to prepare our young children for the literacy skills they’ll need to participate in all the wonderful things the West Coast has to offer? Here are some things we recommend here at Childcare Surrey to cultivate and strengthen prewriting skills in your children before attending daycare in Surrey.

Playdough is for more than just playing

A timeless classic, playdough has been a childhood favourite for decades. Its versatile use and colorful palette attract young and old alike to play, shape, build, and create anything the imagination can conjure. Playdough works wonders as a creative art form to encourage the development of storytelling, visualizing, and artistic expression skills. However, playdough holds equal value as a muscle strengthener. Frequently playing with playdough strengthens muscles in the hand known as the lumbrical muscles. These muscles are responsible for many of the actions involved in writing by hand as well as other table tasks that your child may encounter at their daycare in Surrey. Playing with playdough increases stamina and decreases fatigue when it comes time for your child to hold a pencil for any length of time. Changing the play to include a variety of tasks like rolling playdough into balls, pressing objects (perhaps small flowers and leaves local to Vancouver) into the playdough with single isolated fingers, and pinching small pieces of the dough helps to strengthen both intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the hand and forearm that will later aid in stability and stamina when handwriting.

Strength in sequencing

There are many things at work when a child is learning to write. There are more obvious factors such as pencil grasp, fine motor skills, and understanding the basics of lettering systems. There are also many things happening developmentally that support your child’s ability to express language, understand stories, and create stories of their own. One element of writing that you can support from home is the concept of sequencing.

Helping your child naturally organize their thoughts and structure stories with a beginning, middle, and end can encourage their understanding of story structure, cause and effect, and plot development. These may seem like overly complicated concepts but it’s quite easy to make them age-appropriate for your child. You can simply have them tell you, draw pictures, or narrate as they prepare themselves a snack. Prompt them if necessary to use language such as “First,” “then,” and “next,” to teach them how to sequence actions and understand the progression of a story. At their daycare in Surrey, your child will have the opportunity to read books, create art, and socialize with their peers. Learning to narrate can register their ability to communicate and is great for developing the prewriting skills that will continue to develop over time.

Children were built to move. Children often struggle to sit for prolonged periods doing tasks such as writing because they aren’t physically or developmentally ready. By focusing on prewriting skills centered around everyday fun, you can help prepare your child for daycare in Surrey and strengthen their mind and bodies for a happy and healthy lifelong relationship with writing.